Master 2


Student’s Name

Subject – Title

Expected Date of  Completion

Elie Evdokia

Motherese and Language Acquisition: a 6th month case study

Completed in January 2012

Polychronou Constantina


Prosody in Cross-cultural Settings; does gender make a difference ?

Completed in October  2011

Michaelidou Evanthia


Divided Societies: Linguistic Policies and Language Practices in the Cypriot context compared to Belgium’s context

Completed in September 2011

Georgiou Stella


Gender Equity and Classroom Practices: a Proposal for Secondary Education

Completed in October 2011

Sokratous Evangelia

Theatre Practices: Learning a Language through Emotions.

Completed in May   2011

Charitou Panayiota

Publicity Discourse and Teaching French through Interculturality

Completed in May   2011

Constantinou Kyriaki

Textbook and gender: State of Art of French Primary School Textbooks

Completed in May   2011

Christofi Zoe

From the Kafenio to Starbucks:  Advertisement and Commodification of a Social Practice

Completed in September  2010

Committee member of Master
Adriani Gaitani, Rhetoric and Rebirth of a Genre, completed in January 2012
Maria Kounouni, Connecting Device and Acquisition of French, completed in May 2010
Liana Prastiti, Advertising and Cypriot Brochures: a Linguistic Analysis, completed in October 2011
Maria Kounouni, Thesis Director, Multiple Intelligences and French teaching as a foreign language
Nicole Pradalier, Thesis co-director, University of Toulouse, France
Maria Kounouni : Language Practice and Interculturality in teaching French as a second language, 2010 -
Membre du comité thèse de Popi Theofanous, Département de grec moderne, sujet: politique linguistique. Directrice de thèse Marilena Karyolemou : 2008-
École doctorale Codfremo (AUF, Moyen - Orient)
Organisation de séminaires de doctorat  en octobre 2011

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